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Elegance and culture of beauty

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Fraizzoli, a historic Milanese company founded in 1923 by Cavaliere Leonardo Fraizzoli, has been a symbol in the specialized clothing sector for over 100 years, focusing on the production and distribution of ceremonial uniforms, workwear, and professional garments
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Uniform for the hospitality

In a grand hotel, bar, or restaurant, from the ambiance to the comfort and hospitality, the initial impression is often shaped by the uniform of the welcoming staff: a Fraizzoli uniform.
Crafted with the finest fabrics and meticulous attention to quality, it foreshadows the experience of warmth and hospitality characteristic of upscale hotels or the most refined restaurants, where a culture of attentiveness is an integral part
Offering bespoke garments in various styles, incorporating technological and sustainable fabrics. We tailor the best solutions to represent your brand, personalizing uniforms with state-of-the-art embroidery and printing techniques

Toghe forensi

Toga has always been the most recognizable expression of a representative of the law. Each toga tells a story, identifies a specific role, and for those who practice the profession with passion, it represents something sacred, something to be worn with honor and love. Toga signifies professionalism, common sense, humility, respect, and not mere appearance.

A precious fabric that Fraizzoli transforms into a distinguished uniform, a distinctive symbol, and a moral shield for those practicing law. Choosing a Fraizzoli toga means being lawyers or magistrates who wish to impart additional value to an icon of the profession, combining functionality, quality, and elegance.
Thanks to a century of experience in producing quality clothing and partnerships with the finest Italian weavers, Fraizzoli 1923 has developed a high-profile offering of tailor-made suits and shirts.

The tradition of Italian weavers specializing in wool, linen, and cotton for shirts blends seamlessly with the ability to produce tailor-made suits and shirts with unique details, classic yet modern fits, structured or unstructured jackets, and personalized pants and shirts. These are just some of the opportunities available at the new showroom in Milan
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