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We have learned a lot over the past 150 years

Our company

From its beginnings in 1863,  to date, our skills and knowledge have grown with us through five generations

Our company

The entire production chain guarantees high quality standards thanks to our know-how, the internal QC process, our selected network of suppliers and partners and the use of the best technologies available on the market today.


Now we look to the future with renewed enthusiasm, embracing the legacy of the Fraizzoli brand


A new era

One of the crucial steps toward our commitment to the future was the acquisition of the Fraizzoli brand in 2023, a symbol of quality and innovation in our industry.

The Fraizzoli

Fraizzoli is a historic Milanese company founded in 1923 by Cavaliere Leonardo Fraizzoli, representing a symbol in the specialized clothing sector for over 100 years, focused on the production and distribution of ceremonial uniforms, workwear, and professional garments.

Today, Fraizzoli stands as a modern manufacturing company with innovative technological solutions tailored to the market and customer needs. By combining the high-quality standards of Made in Italy with the development of international production chains, it manages to offer products at competitive prices while maintaining the customary high level of quality.

With extensive experience in the fashion market, technical expertise in high-performance products and/or the use of high-tenacity fabrics, and engineering capabilities, Fraizzoli is the ideal partner for developing collections and current products designed with technical details for specific purposes.

The Fraizzoli style

The Fraizzoli collections meet the needs not only of those in search of ceremonial and work uniforms, professional attire for hotels, high-end retail chains, public administration, shipping and railway companies, airlines, the hospital and medical market, theaters, and casinos but also of unique high-quality garments. These include, for example, tailcoats and tuxedos for the finest Italian orchestras and theaters, gala uniforms for military academies, robes for judges and lawyers, and last but not least, custom-tailored garments with the finest Italian fabrics.
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